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Meet Emma


I don’t just love everything nutrition, I love to learn about all lifestyle choices, our behaviour’s, I love to get to know people and learn how different they are from the last.  I will promote optimal health based on evidence, I will not be recommending fad diets and I have zero tolerance for any bull shit or the latest craze.  I understand that we all have our individual goals and the plan we work on together will cater for that goal and you will be in full agreement.

What I do.

I am an evidence-based practitioner.  This means that I stay up to date with what science is saying and mix that with experience, your needs and goals.  It is my aim for you to walk away understanding what and why we are doing what we decide to do.

I think many of us spend money on gym memberships we don’t use, a set of 10 x 5am boot camp classes that cost $200 and we went to one, supplement skinny teas that we read on Instagram would make us lose weight. 

An investment into your health and fitness goals such as seeing a nutritionist can help you make lifelong changes, give you education on what is actually true with all the confusing messages out there and equip you to continue you goals with confidence and ease.  It will be worth it; I will make sure of it.

What you won’t get from me ever.

  • A pushy sales women – I don’t sell any supplements or eBooks.

  • Working out of my scope of practice – sometimes I may need to refer to you another healthcare professional depending on the situation.

  • A one plan fits all – your plan will be your plan only and there will not be any fad diets included.

  • Any kinds of bull shit – full transparency and I expect the same in return.

  • Bias – we all have them except I know that my preferred method works for me only.  I will find and advice the best method for you, we will work together on this.

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Something for everyone, from setting goals to understanding where your deficits are and how to manage them. 


Tried and tested recipes that are not only tasty but quick and easy!