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Meet Emma


I want to start by saying this.

I have been that girl.

  • Counting every single calorie

  • Who punished myself every day over exercising so I can eat

  • Doing 60 minutes of cardio every day but not really getting what I wanted

  • Hating my body because it didn’t look how I wanted it to

  • Chasing that “toned” look

  • Trying to do it all perfectly and if I didn’t do nothing at all

  • Restricting food so much that it leads to binging


Does any of this resonate?


This all changed when I discovered strength training at the age of 35. 

Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, weight training

Lift with Emma

It's not just your PT session then go home!

I wanted to put together a program that gave you support when you really needed it, when you are not with me in person.  This program will give you the missing piece of the puzzle, accountability!  A cheerleader support you in your corner. 


Tried and tested recipes that are not only tasty but quick and easy!

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