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Peri-Strong in 6
6 week online program

What is Peri-Strong in 6?


It's an 6 week online program specifically designed for women who want to put themselves first.

It doesn't matter what your goal is, it can be fat loss, better health, more energy or just something for you.

This will be the last diet you will ever do.

Yo-yo dieting with be a distant memory.

You will never lose and gain that same 10kg , you will lose it for good!

You will end feeling stronger, lighter and happier which is the goal right?

What to expect

6 weeks

New focus each week

No overwhelm 

All practical tips


We learn how to build trust in ourselves again in the first 3 weeks.
We then go onto to integrate flexibility to make this a forever thing

To get the answers to things like

Should I be eating carbs?

Am I eating enough?

Can I drink alcohol?

Should I be doing more cardio?

What is best for my hormones?

We will learn self-compassion, deal with behaviour change, reframing food language to a point where you might actually enjoy the process!  Can you imagine that?!

What is included?

Strength training programme

This will include 3 sessions at home or gym-based workouts to help you build muscle (get toned), be a stronger person, correct your posture and increase your confidence and energy levels.  I will introduce exercise bites to your life for those who are time poor.


Fat loss

I will teach you nutrition protocols specific to your energy needs that could lead to a 5kg weight loss over the 6 weeks.  It’s the last diet you will ever do and I will help give you the confidence to know you will not put the weight back on.  

You will have access to recipes for inspiration 

You will learn how to build a balanced plate of food.


We set step goals based on what you want to achieve and your activity watch links up to my app, we even have a little step challenge in the group.


Do you need accountability?

You will have me as a coach
Weekly optional check ins
Weekly group live Q&A'S


All of the above is managed through my very own app and Facebook!


What else?

We get to the bottom of your WHY!

You have access to my short easy digestible weekly videos - each week we have a new focus.

My private FB group with others just like you needing support
Daily mindset posts that will relate to where you are in your journey.



$299 payment on sign up

The next round starts

20th May 2024

Click here to get on the waitlist

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