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About Emma

I want to start by saying this.

I have been that girl.

  • Counting every single calorie

  • Who punished myself every day over exercising so I can eat

  • Doing 60 minutes of cardio every day but not really getting what I wanted

  • Hating my body because it didn’t look how I wanted it to

  • Chasing that “toned” look

  • Trying to do it all perfectly and if I didn’t do nothing at all

  • Restricting food so much that it leads to binging

Does any of this resonate?


This all changed when I discovered strength training at the age of 35. 

Since then, I have qualified as a Nutritionist helping so many clients reach their health goals but I wanted to help more.  Every single client I saw wanted exercise advice and I was not qualified to give it but training was a huge passion of mine. I decided to get qualified.  I now have my level 3 & 4 personal trainer qualification.

My passion is to work with women.  Women who like me were on the constant hamster wheel, no idea what I was doing, fed so much misinformation, self-hating, the all or nothing approach.   I want to help teach women that strength training can bring confidence, self-love, achievement of what your body can do and can change you mentally and physically.  Its about so much more than losing weight.


Strength training alongside good Nutrition, regular support around behaviour changes and habits is the key for you reaching your health goals.  From this my membership Lift memberships are born.  Pop to the membership page to see how I can help you.


MNU Nutritionist
Certified Nutritionist
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