About Emma


I went to see a nutritionist once when I lived in the UK, she cost 150 pounds for a 60 minute consultation.  I needed some help as I was training for a triathlon and I was tired all the time, getting sick a lot so I thought maybe I needed some help. 

She took one look at my food diary and said it all looks great and sent me on my way.  I felt a little deflated but trusted her advice, I mean she cost me a lot of money so she must be right, right?  So wrong!  I was not eating enough calories for the training I was doing; my dietary fat intake was very low so my hormones were shot at and she didn’t even mention protein.

I knew something wasn’t right with how I was feeling and I just wanted to know more, it was this experience that led me into my nutrition journey. 

Five years later I am living in Sydney, Australia and I am qualified Nutritionist, qualified with Mac Nutrition University, the leading UK on-line evidence-based nutrition programme.  I literally live and breathe it, listening to podcasts, audiobooks for the leading experts, keeping up to date with the latest studies. 

I don’t just love everything nutrition, I love to learn about all lifestyle choices, our behavior’s, I love to get to know people and learn how different they are from the last. 

I will promote optimal health based on evidence, I will not be recommending fad diets and I have zero tolerance for any bull shit or the latest craze.  I understand that we all have our individual goals and the plan we work on together will cater for that goal and you will be in full agreement.

Please know that there will be no judgement from me.  In a lot of cases I have been there, underweight, overweight, over-trained, obsession with clean eating, calorie and macro counting, low on energy, busy working mum life, relying on coffee to get through the day, poor sleep.  I can relate to most situations and I will thrive off new ones and ways to help.  I welcome enquiries from all and if I cannot help you I will refer you to someone who can.

As an MNU practitioner I am regulated by industry specialist to ensure I am working within what we learn on the course and also that I work within my scope of practice. 

I can’t wait to work with you.


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