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How to plan your dinners

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One of the reasons most of my clients might not make healthy choices is because they get to dinner time and it all becomes too hard!  Already exhausted from a long day, you don not want to think about how to make everyone happy with dinner!

We have to prepare better, we know this but again, it goes in the too hard bucket.


Hard truth we need to accept - you have to give it some time on a Sunday,  but not as much as you think.


Here is how I do it.

I make it simple, it's healthy, balanced but it's not perfect.  That's the secret!  It does not have to be perfect.  Aiming for perfect, clean meals is a sure way to give up and reach for uber eats!


We want easy, convenience and we need familiar.  Decision fatigue is a thing and it's at it's worst at night.


Download here how I plan,  I have included what a standard week of dinners looks like in my house too, some of them might surprise you.



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