Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to count calories to do your plan?

Hell no! Not if you don’t want to. Counting calories is certainly a useful tool for some but not for all. It can be very helpful in some situations and not so much in other. We will figure out our approach during the consultation.

Why is the plan 12 weeks long?

From experience. If weight loss is a goal and it’s a long-term thing then you are going to need some support, handholding and guidance along the way. 12 weeks is a good amount of time for you to get in your grove and then continue your journey without me.

Can I still drink and eat all the things I love?

If the goal is weight loss, then I will teach you how to get balance. We have to enjoy the process; it shouldn’t be torture. For that to happen we have to include the things we enjoy. Are you going to be able to eat a whole takeaway pizza and 10 beers a week, no, but we can have a little of what we love.

Can you guarantee I will lose weight?

Nope, that is down to you. I can give you the tools, direction, support and help but at the end of the day the hard work does have to come from you.

Do you only create plans for weight loss clients?

No, in fact I really love working with people whose goal is optimal health, people with performance goals and also those who want to gain muscle. If you have a different goal please get in touch, I love all Nutrition.

Will I have to exercise?

Its not specifically part of the plan. However, health is always a focus so I will be encouraging you to move more if you don’t already. My plans are not just Nutrition they are lifestyle focussed.

Do you give specific meal plans?

No. The goal is to teach you how to eat a balanced diet that is relevant to your needs specifically. If I tell you what to eat and when what will you even learn? I do however give you 100’s of recipes to help you out.