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Online Personal Training

What is online coaching?

Rather than meeting in-person we just meet online.


You get all the same accountability as my in-person program, it's all run through my app.  We will have an online consultation, weekly check in's and access to message me, your coach, when you need too.

Lift with Emma.


This is a 12-week online strength training programme is designed to help you become the strongest you both physically and mentally.   To help you build confidence, have direction whilst taking the thinking out of it for you.

It’s a complete system of training and nutrition, I will help you understand your energy needs and it will be the last diet you will ever do.

It will offer accountability and mindset support to help with those through that are holding you back.

What is included?

Strength training programme

This will include 3 sessions at home or gym-based workouts to help you build muscle (get toned), be a stronger person, correct your posture and increase your confidence and energy levels.


Fat loss

I will teach you nutrition protocols specific to your energy needs that could lead to a 5kg weight loss over the 12 weeks.  It’s the last diet you will ever do and I will help give you the confidence to know you will not put the weight back on.  You will have access to a 3-day meals plan based around your preference.


Do you need accountability?

You will be added to my private Facebook group where I post daily mindset help, you will get my weekly emails and also have bi-weekly check ins over email.


All of the above is managed through my app!


What else?

Goal setting and preferences online
3 full body programme – gym or home – updated every 4-6 weeks
Personalised Nutrition set for goals
Access to my app to track all of your progress and where all your programmes will be
Habit tracking
Nutrition education
Access to my recipe’s eBooks
Full support via messages in the app
Supportive private Facebook group
Bi - weekly accountability check in’s with feedback via loom
Direct debit monthly payments
12-week review


Prices (12 week minimum commitment)

$299 per 4 weeks paid via direct debit


Programme Design

One off payment

This option is for those who have a specific goal and want a 12 week programme that can help them get there.

I will find out more about your goal, what you want to achieve, your preferences and design you programme from there.   I will include progression too.

Who is this for?

Anyone who wants some direction in the gym/home but just needs someone to do the thinking for them.

It's delivered to you via my app, you will get a log, have your own profile with access to your training plan, a place to track your progress and technique videos. 


$300 one off payment

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