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The Lowdown On The Skinny Jab!

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

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Skinny jab

When I first heard about this, I was like oh no, not another fad, just like to skinny teas, detox teas and keto drinks, eye roll. However, after looking into it and how it works, I could be a little on the fence on this one, let me explain.

Skinny jab (is actually the name of the company) hasn’t quite made it across the pond yet here in Australia, I have been seeing all over the people I follow socials in the UK. I’m sure we will all be aware of it soon.

What is the skinny jab?

It is claiming that it is the miracle we have been waiting for, the revolution to weight loss. It contains a drug called Liraglutide which is a commonly prescribed drug for type 2 diabetes, so it’s a medically recognized and safe drug. It basically increases insulin secretion and slows down gastric emptying. The drug reduces appetite.

Science alert! Insulin is basically released when food is consumed. Insulin will then be released from the pancreas, take the glucose (sugar) from our blood from the food consumed and pops it into our cells and the cells will use that for energy. For people with type 2 diabetes who don’t get enough insulin released (insulin resistance) this drug will help that. The presence of insulin signals that food has been consumed and it turns down the hunger signals.

A randomized controlled trial was conducted and the conclusion was that Liraglutide helps to induce and sustain weight loss in patients with obesity. Its efficacy is comparable to other available agents but it offers the unique benefit of improved glycemic control. Additional studies are needed to determine its long-term efficacy and safety profile. See study below.

Ok, so we know that the science behind it does reduce your appetite which can be useful if you are looking to lose fat.

However, according to the skinny jab website, it will work alongside a specific food plan and exercise plan. Ok, hang on, so basically you will be putting people into a calorie deficit too? Isn’t this the basic principle of weight loss anyway?

So not only do you have to inject yourself daily you also need to actually cut back on food? So, it’s not magic?? Ok, I hope you can hear my sarcasm.

It says this on the website - It is not just about the jab, it is about kick starting a healthier life style, banning bad habits, reaching your goal weight and most importantly, maintaining it.

Now, lets talk about cost.

Skinny Jab Daily Programme (3-4 Weeks)- £249 ($500)

Skinny7 Weekly Programme (4 Weeks) - £350 ($700)

I mean wow!!

Not to be biased as I am nutritionist but you would do better to invest that money into a nutritionist, dietitian or/and a PT, you wouldn’t need to inject yourself daily, you would be more supported and you would have a personal approach. For $500 you could get a nutritionist plan and support for 3 months.

Is skinny jab worth it?

I think skinny jab has a place but not for the mass market. Skinny jab uses Z list reality celebrities to prey on the general public, usually young girls who are looking for a quick fix and are usually not obese. The general public do not need this kind of help, they just need some guidance on real nutrition and exercise. They have maybe not even given weight loss a real shot.

I do think it can help people who have struggled with weight for years and have tried everything, some people find it very difficult to lose weight.

Its not cheating. People use supplements all the time in every day life. Caffeine for example to help them stay alert, Creatine to help performance in the gym.

Take away – For the general public it is not worth the money and they would be better investing it in their health in other ways. Overall, it is a safe medically recognized drug and could be useful for overweight people who really struggle to shift it.

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