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The Basics Are Not Sexy!

Weight loss, calories, moderation, sleep, stress
The basics are not sexy

There is a movement at the moment on social media, if you follow the right people then you will know that changing your mindset to know that health and fat loss comes down to some very simple basics.

If you follow the wrong people, you will continue to believe all the bull shit. Cull all the bull shit now!! But how do I know who I shouldn’t follow anymore I hear you ask? Anyone who tries to sell you a fad diet or supplement, anyone who says one way is the only way, unqualified people in their field and anyone who doesn’t make you feel good. I did this a couple of years ago, it helps.

The purpose of this post is to spell out the basics. They are nothing you haven’t heard before but people are not listening because they are still buying keto drinks and skinny jabs and drinking celery juice and trying the quick fixes. The basics are not magic or sexy but they work.

If this is you, read this article and listen. I promise if you do take it in and start this lifestyle you will have that balance you have been chasing for years. Again, I did!

The basics.

1. Energy balance – Oh yawn, all you hear is calorie deficit blah blah blah. You have to understand this to reach you goal. You just have to. Read my post if you don’t.

2. Sleep – this is a big one. If we don’t get enough of it then it effects a whole heap of stuff. Hunger levels, concentration, mood, activity levels. Look up some Matthew Walker podcasts to understand this further or read my blog.

3. Activity – get moving at every opportunity you can. If you have a sit-down office job like me the it can be hard to get those steps in but there are opportunities. Another blog plug but read this to understand how important it is.

4. Nutrition – eat whole foods, base your meals around a protein source then lots of veg then add in your whole grain carbs and healthy fats, eat you fruit, limit your processed foods but still live your life, moderation, portion control, stay hydrated.

5. Moderation – I think this deserves a spot. A little bit of what you like is an old saying but its so right on! We can still drink wine, eat chocolate, have a packet of crisps. We don’t need to ear chicken and broccoli to be healthy. We can have it all if we moderate it.

6. Patience and consistency – you have to be patient. It does not happen over night I’m afraid. Its not realistic. However, if you do implement these changes you will start to feel better every day. Consistency is key. You need to find a lifestyle that fits in with your lifestyle (if that makes sense). Make small goals. I wrote a post on non-negotiables which can help if you are not sure where to start.

So, in summary get a decent kip, eat food in moderation, get off your arse and move and make some small goals to work towards.


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