Sugar Addiction – Is There Such Thing?

Sugar addiction
Are you addicted to sugar?

If you asked me whilst I was demolishing a packet of hobnobs, I would say yes. I would also say I was addicted to salt as I finish my 2nd packets of salt and vinegar.

The fact is there is no equivocal evidence to support the claims that sugar is addictive. Some even claiming that it is 8 times more addictive than cocaine. This does make me chuckle as imagine sugar dealers charging $250 a small packet of the white stuff!

There is one study that the some “experts” refer to that they say proves we are addicted to sugar and that is a study on rats, it’s a study with so many flaws. Also, we are not rats! Study link is here if you are interested

However, we cannot deny how we feel when we eat a food that may be high in sugar. We want more and we can’t stop. Just think about this though, is it the sugar or are we just looking for something to blame? Would you sit there with a plate full of table sugar and enjoy it, I’m thinking no. It’s the food itself, it may have sugar but it’s also is ultra-processed with added fats, sugars, additives and is made to be as delicious as possible. That’s why we love crisps too right?