Should We Be Eating Our Carbs??

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First there was low fat diets that was claimed to be the best way to lose weight, then it reversed and high fat diets were fashionable, remember Atkins!

In more recently years its been all about not eating carbs for example the keto diet.

It changing again as more people are starting to realise that carbohydrates are not the enemy, in fact they can be our very best friends. Its becoming cool again to eat bread. (phew)

As more studies emerge about carbohydrates it remains a very debatable subject in the industry as to weather low carb is the best way to shed fat.

I’m not going to go into details about carbs otherwise it will be a very long post, I want to discuss the myths surrounding carbohydrates but her are a few facts about them in a nutshell.

Carbohydrates are not essential to life – unlike fats a