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Non-Nutrition Tips That Changed My Health For Life

My health journey has been a long one and its still going. We never know everything; new research emerges all the time.

In my 20’s I was all weight watches meals, 60 minutes of cardio a day and I was super skinny a couple of times, I was also overweight a few times too. When I was 30, I was pregnant, I lived off egg sandwiches and Maltesers, I gained heaps of weight. After that I took up running and back on the low calories. Now I put my efforts into health over aesthetics but I would be lying if I said I didn't care how I look, of course I do and that is ok! It’s been a real journey but I wanted to share with you 5 things that changed my health forever.

1. The mornings

I used to be a night owl. Years of working in hospitality, partying, sleeping in until 2pm because my shift didn’t start until 3pm. Then when I did get a 9-5 I would stay up until 2am binge watching the 24 box set then roll into work with 3 hours sleep under my belt. That all changed when I had Hanna, now 10.

You literally have no choice to become a morning person with a baby. I slowly, over time, started to get into bed earlier as I knew my mornings would be early. Before I realised, I was crawling in bed at 10pm and getting up at 6am. My daughter still loves an early morning but so do I, I have come to love the mornings.

I now get up at 5.30am by choice. I know that I have 1 hour before anyone else is getting up. I get up and do my 15 minutes of yoga. It feels so amazing to do those stretches in the morning. Then I will make a coffee, sit down at my desk and potter on my computer, reading posts, writing posts, catching up, whatever really, nothing to pressured. After my coffee I will go for a run or walk the dog. Then breakfast when I return.

I genuinely look forward to this each day.

Why do I love it? Its mine. I am doing what I want, for me. If I got up that hour later I wouldn’t have had that time.

I am not saying this needs to be your routine. I am saying that you need a routine. One that you enjoy, one that works with your lifestyle.

2. I stopped comparing

One of my favourite quotes is comparison is the thief of joy. Comparing can be dangerous for our mental health.

Let’s talk physical – If I opened my Instagram and there wasn’t a 6-pack looking at me then I would question if it was my feed. I followed all of the influencers. I now follow none of them.

I only follow real people who I can learn from and who can inspire me. I know now that my body is my body, I will never have Beyoncé curves because I am just not genetical built like that. My thighs will always wobble because that seems to be where I store my fat. Once I stopped trying to be someone else I felt more positive about my body.

My current comparing challenge is with people who do what I do but I think they are doing it better, others in the nutrition world. I have started to change the way I think about it though and again I try not to follow to may influencers unless I know that I can learn from them or the inspire me in some way. I am trying to remember that people will want to work with me because of me not because my reels are perfection (lol which they are not) or my grid is colour coordinated.

Stopping comparing is hard and is a work in progress but once you do you will find that you are kinder, more positive and also mentally lighter.

3. Planning

I’ve always been a bit of a planner. I love a list. I have spreadsheets, then lists in my phone, then I love to write down and list and physically tick things off. Such satisfaction.

If you don’t plan then its hard to stay on track, FACT!

I plan my food and meals I plan my workouts and walks I plan my social time I plan my work I plan my future I plan my finances I plan my goals

If I don’t it all goes to shit. That is me though. It doesn’t work for everyone but if I was going to say plan one thing, I would say your meals for the week. Game changer. Plan things you actually like though or it won’t happen. Buy the ingredients.

4. Stop aiming for perfection

I follow a PT called Emma Storey Gordon and she says what I am thinking all the time. She said this last year and it has resonated with me in such a way that it is now part of my programme.

Imperfect action

This means not aiming for total perfection all the time. It means that any action is better than no action.

An example is you aim to do 5 workouts one week but you only do 2 and seeing that as a fail. However, 2 workouts can still have a huge impact on your body composition.

Another example – trying to eat clean. Then you accidentally shove some chips in your mouth and then you think fuck it and it all goes to shit for the week until the next Monday.

I changed this perfection attitude; it was super hard and its still ingrained in me a little. This is what I think. If I make a decision that goes against my goals, I will then make sure the next decision is the right one. Imperfect action.

5. Being a bitch to myself

I hate it when people say love yourself. Oh ok, sure, that’s easy! Said none ever. It would be friggin awesome to love yourself though, right? I certainly don’t love myself but I’m pretty pleased with myself. I am starting to like what I see in the mirror more and more.

Why? Weight lifting.

I’m not saying that’s what anyone else needs but this is what helped me be nicer to myself.

Now when I work out, for example shoulders, my favourite part to train. I’m like shit girl look at those gains. Same with quads when I do the leg extensions. Weight training makes me feel strong AF and in turn it helps with mindset. Helps you feel more positive about what your body can do and is capable of.

When I look in the mirror, I don’t hate what I see anymore and it’s so nice.

My point – saying nicer things to myself has helped my confidence in a big way. It helps.

So that’s it. My top 5 tips that I hope can help you too 😊

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