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My Top 5 Health Related Podcasts

I listen to so many podcasts. I walk 5km everyday with my dog and I love nothing more than popping on a podcast and zoning out. As I am obsessed with all thing’s health, I have some favourites I would like to share with you as I often get asked what I recommend as there are so many. I have a short attention span, if its over an hour it’s unlikely I will listen to it unless I am super interested in that topic. So, all of these will be 30-60 minutes long.

My top favourite for easy Nutrition advice

Food for thought by Rhiannon Lambert

Rhiannon is a UK based registered Nutritionist. The episodes of no more than 40 minutes long and she has some great guests on covering everyday topics that are popular in the media. All evidence based, no mixed messages. I recommend you listen from the beginning. If there are any news mum’s, she did a whole season on all new mum topics (I skipped these lol). My favourites were the secret to skin health, how to fuel fitness and how to overcome anxiety.

My favourite for business

The Business Bible

This is a new one for me. They are actually a new company. They are really relatable if you are setting up a new business and every time they release a new podcast its usually reading my mind! 15 episodes so far, short and sweet with an expert in that field on each podcast. My most useful ones so far are SEO and getting found online and questions about Instagram reels

My favourite for overall Health

Deliciously Ella

I have followed her journey from the beginning on social media. I really like her as I find her relatable, give her a follow. I have her app for recipes too. She is totally plant based. She has a guest on every week talking about various subjects related to health both physical and mental health. I think its fair to say some of her guests have not been totally evidence based but I get something from each episode. They are usually quite uplifting and only around 30 minutes. I love the one with Fern Cotton called how to live your happiest life and finding gratitude in the hardest moments.

My favourite for quitting the booze

One Year No Beer podcast

I recommend you start from the beginning. If you are trying to cut down or stop completely this is the podcast for you. It got me through 6 months of not drinking last year and I truly believe this helped with my motivation.

Each podcast has a different guest where they share their experiences with alcohol and their journey to stop. Its not just alcoholics, its everyday people like you and me who maybe drink more than we would like. My stand out ones are with Suzanne Shaw and also Catherine Grey. They also talk about Health.

My favourite podcast for fitness/exercise

Mind Pump

This was difficult as I have a few, but what I am listening to the most at the moment is Mind Pump. There are over 1400 episodes which is overwhelming and some of them can be long but you can pick and choose your subject, you name it they have covered it. There are technique episodes which I am loving at the moment because I am doing my PT qualification. There is a great episode (1397) 5 ways to maintain muscle when sick or injured with was so helpful to me after a recent operation.

I really hope you find this helpful 😊

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