Understanding Energy Balance And Why Maintenance Should Be Your Goal.

energy balance, calories in calories out
Energy Balance

Let me introduce you to Sally. Sally has weighed 70kg for the last 5 years. She eats around 2300 calories a day; she has an active job and goes weight training 3 times per week. She does about 12000 steps a day. A few months ago, Sally injured her back and she cannot work or go to the gym. She can only walk for short periods of time and sits down a lot. In 3 months, Sally has put on 6.5kg. Sally can’t understand is as she has been eating exactly the same.

What Sally doesn’t understand is energy balance. She didn’t understand because nobody told her. Nobody told her that because her activity level has gone done to nearly nothing, she has to eat 600 calories less every day or she will gain fat.

Another example

James lost 10kg’s 10 months ago, he was at his goal weight. He recently weighed himself and he has gained 5kg. James has never been told about energy balance so he cant understand what happened and blames the diet he did originally.

Energy balance – its life changing once you un