Eating The Rainbow

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Eat the Rainbow

They are never talked about in the mainstream media. If you follow nutrition then you will possibly have heard of them but all everyone talks about is macro nutrients and micro nutrients. We really need to know about phytonutrients too.

Phytonutrients are not essential to life. There is no recommended daily amount to take or government guidelines for them so they are forgotten.

They are however so important for optimal health.

Here's why.

Also known as Phytochemicals, they are chemicals produced by plant foods to help the plant stay healthy. We have all heard that we should be eating the foods that are of the colours of the rainbow, right? Phytonutrient (PN from now on) foods include colourful fruits, vegetables but also spices, nuts, seeds and legumes. Could this be another reason why eating plant based is deemed the healthier diet?