Are You Even Healthy?

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Are you even healthy?

What does Health even mean?

Attempting an article on overall health is a tough one, everyone has a different idea as to what this means. I will attempt to tackle it from an evidence based and government guideline point of view.

I will start with a personal experience. As a teenage I was chubby, I was always active though. I was on the netball team, cross country team and walked to and from school every day. I would say if I didn’t do these things, I would have been a lot bigger. My relationship with food was awful and I had no idea about nutrition. It wasn’t a thing like it is now. From being a teenager, I would binge, mostly on chocolate but also crisps. It was in the family, both my sister and me used to sit there devouring all this food in the evening and it didn’t stop for me until my 20’s. I remember my first diet. I ate 1000 calories per day, spent 60 minutes in the gym doing only cardio machines, never lifted a weight in my life as they made you bulky, I also worked in a job where I was on my feet 9 hours a day. It’s fair to say I lost a couple of stone very easily in a short space of time. My nutrition was so poor I had bad spot breakouts and my hormones where out of whack but I still binged and I thought I was fat. I was a stone underweight and was lucky to still be getting my period. My relationship with food was not good! I had never heard of quinoa or a complex carb. I healthy meal for me was a low-calorie ready meal from Marks and Spencers.

I could go on and on about the different diets I’ve tried over the years